September 21, 2011: A Day That Will Live In Twitter Infamy

I didn’t know a lot about the Troy Davis case until a couple days ago from my Twitter followers. So I did what any logical, college degree having black man would do in a situation like this: I went to Wikipedia’s reliable website to research it. I did not fully support the movement to have his execution stayed because I didn’t get to research everything that was most to the case. But I did know enough to feel something was not entirely right about it. Although I should have seen this from Twitter, I didn’t expect the pure ignorance of what was said surrounding the case. Two things I took out of the Troy Davis situation:

“Shoutout to the people that now support the case but didn’t even know about it three days ago.”

I seriously laugh out loud at the thought of this. So if I find out about something and take a liking to it, I can’t do that? People have now made a probationary period on supporting topics now? If I say I’m a fan of Big KRIT, I can’t support him because I just took a liking to his music? I didn’t know I needed to eat and sleep this situation, tell my employer to kiss my ass for this case, and visit Troy Davis to put my support behind it. So to all the people that send links to their blogs, I can’t support it because I just found out about it. For everything I deal with in life now, I need a trial period to test it out, not give it any bad reviews, and know more about it than anyone to finally support it? Okay then.

“Why ain’t Obama and Oprah do anything to stop the execution?”

Ignorance is real. And this makes me love America and glad we caught Bin Laden. People really thought President Obama could have flown down to Georgia, give some Stone Cold Stunners to the guards, and stopped the execution. If people actually knew Georgia law (thank you CNN & Wikipedia again for this), even the governor of Georgia cannot stop an execution. It’s up to the Georgia & US Supreme Court. And EVEN if he did have authority, you can’t be serious to think that this case is the most important thing on Obama’s plate. He has already got to deal with bitch ass Republicans fucking with him & making his hair grayer by the minute because of the state of the economy. I doubt that just because he’s black he’s going to look into the Troy Davis case.

So, to the people that actually got mad at others supporting the Troy Davis case-Shut the fuck up. At least take a stand on something that could possibly be you in a similar type of situation. To the people who jumped on the bandwagon like a sports fan without having any clue whatsoever about what the case was- do some simple research on the matter. Google is not a hard tool to use. And to Twitter, who blocked #TroyDavis from trending but had #AaliyahPlanePlaylist as one- you showed how your selective ignorance doesn’t go unnoticed.

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